The Bethany Reader is Here

Finally our anthology of prose is available to all and sundry. The Bethany Reader will be an annual title collecting together an eclectic mix of contemporary prose. I’m delighted with the contents of the initial offering in this series.  I did however make one huge mistake on the cover. I managed to misspell the title on the spine. I’ve already corrected my digital files so the next printing will be unblemished. You know what that means? That’s right kids; collector’s edition!

Get your first edition now while there’s still a chance to own this highly collectible item that is easily identifiable by my gaffe. Pretty soon all you’ll be able to get will be stinky perfect second printings.

The Bethany Reader 2015

The Bethany Reader 2015

New host

No not the tonight show or Letterman’s program. We’re moving our domain to a new host so it may be a few days before the site is one hundred percent reliable again. Sometime it takes a bit for the propagation to stabilize. I think once we have all of our sites under one host things will be a little better or everyone. it will certainly simplify some of my webmaster tasks around here.

Our Bookstore

Our bookstore is functional, but a little bit clunky. Very shortly I will be changing over to a more professional bookstore service that will still be accessible through this site. It will be under the heading of Any orders taken before then will be shipped and serviced as normal but if you have any questions feel free to send me a message through your user account.

Hope this will be a better  shopping experience or everyone. I know I’m looking forward to it.

Fall 2013 Issue

Our Fall issue is shaping up nicely. Robbi Nester will be our Featured Poet. She has many irons in the fire. Currently she is seeking submissions of poetry and artwork inspired by NPR and PBS stories, shows, recipes, etc. Send an email to with “NPR poem or artwork” in the subject line and your name. Works should be sent as a Word attachment. Please include a short bio offering information about your previous publications, etc. Deadline: Jan. 31, 2014.